About CDI

In the early 1990s, a number of senior executives in the chemical industry gathered together and created the Chemical Distribution Institute, now widely known as CDI. Incorporated in 1994, under the law of the Netherlands, CDI exists to provide the chemical industry with independent inspection data on the global supply chain for bulk liquid and packaged chemicals. A strictly non-commercial organisation, CDI is funded entirely by the chemical company members who combined, account for nearly 60 per cent of the world’s annual chemical output. CDI works closely with a number of prominent industry associations: the European Chemical Industry Council, the American Chemistry Council, Association of the Brazilian Chemical Industry, the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers, the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association, Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association, the International Liquid Terminal Association and the International Container Handling Coordination Association.

CDI-Marine, provides annual inspection reports on the world fleet of chemical and liquid petroleum gas tankers; some 600 ship owners with more than 3,000 ships participate in the scheme. CDI-Terminals, was designed for bulk liquid chemical storage terminals. Over sixty storage companies participate in the global scheme. There are more than 120 terminals inspected, growing by 17% in 2009. International Marine Packed Cargo Audit Scheme (IMPCAS), is potentially the largest scheme of its kind in the world. Developed to provide audit reports on each category of service provider involved in the distribution supply chain, the scheme extends to include shipping lines, ships, tank container operators, container freight stations, freight forwarders, agents and container terminals. There are currently 65 logistics companies participating in the scheme.

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